Food industry
trade & gastronomy

A safe and reliable way to measure temperature, humidity and other parameters in the production, distribution, storage and sale of food.

easy installation
fast and wireless
no modifications to cooling equipment

easy installation
fast and wireless
no modifications to cooling equipment

automated monitoring
24 hours a day / 365 days a year
no risk of human error

continuous data access
cell phone management system
prompt response

developed in-house
certified by an accredited laboratory

developed in-house
certified by an accredited laboratory

trouble-free operation
automatic recalibration
technical support and service

low-power devices
ecologically recyclable
reduced energy consumption

LogHub is a fully autonomous, wireless logger system with a battery life of at least 2 years, which displays and automatically records real time temperature and humidity values, logs reports, sends alarms and open door alerts.

In addition to temperature and humidity, LogHub can detect any other environmental parameters – e.g. shocks, vibrations, tilt, unwanted opening, position, CO2 and other values. It offers an effective solution for any operation requiring environment monitoring. In addition to the industries listed above, it is also suitable for the automotive, chemical and aviation industries.

Data is measured automatically and continuously at user-defined time intervals. The system eliminates the risk of human error and is easily scalable. Number of loggers depends on the size of the facility, and they can be easily added or removed, even in production.

All data is sent to a secure cloud, which is accessible from anywhere. You can access the LogHub environment on the web or in your smartphone without the need for a dedicated application. You can generate and download a comprehensive report for the required data, compliant with all applicable legislative requirements, at any time in PDF format or – free of charge – in CSV format editable in Excel.

In case of an unwanted event the system alerts you through a notification – by e-mail, SMS, call or push notifications on your phone.

The LogHub system boasts simple installation without any specialist tools or skills. We will be happy to provide you with technical support in case of any problems. No cables are necessary, everything works wirelessly. There is no need to modify or drill into any cooling equipment.

The LogHub monitoring system is an affordable and effective solution. It will help you optimize energy costs and unburden your service personnel. It ensures a controlled temperature chain, thus preventing food spoilage.

System requirements

The only requirement for the system is Internet connection and a dedicated electrical outlet. Internet connection can be included in the service, if necessary.

Internet connection

One electrical socket

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Logger specifications

Measured parameter Temperature Relative humidity
Supported units °C, °F, K % RH
Scope of use -20°C až +65°C (-40°C až +85°C) 0% RH až 100% RH
Measurement accuracy ±0.5°C (calibration protocol) 3.5% RH (calibration protocol)
Number of records unlimited
Measurement step optional (seconds to hours)
Number of limits 2 (high and low)
Number of notification rules unlimited
Installation method no installation
Battery life 2 years of operation* (* battery life depends on the temperature in which the logger will be used and the method of use.)