The price of the system starts from 20€ per month!

Our approach to each customer is individual. Our proposed solution is adapted to the specific monitoring needs of customers’ industries, therefore the service offer includes an individual price calculation.

The LogHub monitoring system is offered as a service. You pay only during the operation period of the system, and the price depends on the number of devices comprising the measuring system. The price can range from a few Euros to several hundreds.

Approximate prices for 1 month:
One room

20 - 50 €


50 - 100 €


100 - more €

* Indicated rates are excluding VAT. The rates are approximate and non-binding. The size of the premises is only one of the parameters affecting the final price of the service.
The service includes:
Method of payment for the service:
What are the advantages of the system as a service?
Still not sure?
We will be happy to show you the quality and benefits of the system directly in your facility. It’s the best way to try our service. During the test period, we can put the system in operation at your facility in the entire intended scope or only in selected areas. Full deployment allows us to determine the exact number of devices needed, enabling us to prepare an accurate price quote in case you decide to put the system into commercial operation. If the LogHub system fails to meet your needs, the test operation will be terminated without any obligations and fees.
Do you have individual requirements? Call us or schedule a consultation

Do you need to measure other parameters? Do you have specific equipment requirements? Are you interested in interconnecting your internal systems with the monitoring system? Do you intend to actively manage or regulate your operation based on the measurements?

The full system (devices, cloud, mobile application) has been developed in-house by our company. We are specialists in the development of software and hardware, ready to create a tailor-made solution for you.

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